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Tom Jacobs

Tom Jacobs - Founder & CEO

"We built BNCVoice with a support over everything else mindset. This is the number one pain point for the small to medium business community, I believe."
  What Do I Get?
  •  30 Minute Call With Senior Sales Rep: Let's uncover your pain points, even if you don't know them...
  •  In Depth Benefits Plan: Find out the true benefits of a BNCVoice hosted VoIP system...
  •  In Depth Feature Discussion: Let's build a plan designed for your exact business needs...
  •  In Depth Disaster Recovery Plan: Whether flood, fire, earthquake, etc. Your phone system will still be online...
  •  In Depth Support Plan: A support plan just how you want it. Take advantage of the BNC Helpdesk. We are known for world class support. Time to resolution is our specialty...
 - First Month's Service FREE!
There is no limit to features with a BNCVoice Hosted VoIP System. We build customized solutions tailored to your exact business requirements.
Any system build to work for you with phenomenal support is a system that generates more productivity. Period.
BNCVoice believes in fair pricing. This coupled with a customized system that allows you to focus on your business is a winning ticket for any small to medium business.
Hosted VoIP Solutions Build Specifically For The 
Small To Medium Business Community
Our specialists will design, install and support your hosted voice solution 24/7/365 according to your exact requirements and budget
"Compliance burdened professional services companies must take notice of BNCVoice's VoIP phone package for secure media stream encryption and direct access to their data centers for best in class QoS."
- Anthony Patane, CEO - Infinity Partners Group, LLC
“One company for all our business phone needs. Staff works with us like family and when they say they will deliver no follow-up is necessary, it just gets done.”
- Richard D’Andrea, President, Park Ford of Mahopac
6 Reasons To Choose BNCVoice For Your Next 
Business Phone Solution
A world class support organization with a specialty in business hosted voice solutions
Serving Clients Since 2006
Benefit from early VoIP adopters that have the experience needed for success. There is a reason our attrition rate is below 0.5%.
Fair Pricing
BNC is not in the business of over pricing our clients. We believe in transparency and a long lasting relationship. We are in this for the long haul.
World Class Support
BNCVoice is known throughout the VoIP industry to be the gold standard for customer & tech support. We don't hire people that don't share our support over everything else mindset.
Over Communication
Over communication is one of the crucial elements to success in any relationship but especially a business relationship. You will always know when & what is happening at all times, period.
Online Training Portal
Quickly access our online training and knowledge base for your staff.
It's not what is done or said while we are in front of one another. It's what happens behind the scenes. What you see in person is what you get 24/7/365. BNCVoice's entire culture is build around character.
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